Content is less valuable than ever before as Google makes visiting websites to find the answer less needed. Zero click searches are becoming the normal, this trend is changing the nature of search. It’s quite common now for searcher’s to never leave the page of the search results to get the answers.

The reaction to this from an SEO standpoint is to watch statistics and build your site to the effective searches and the random unexpected searches. Ironically, 50% of all searches have never been done before. These low volume or really long-tailed searches are going to help your business more than the moderate searches. This is a major change.

There has to be a way to bring back the value of content and reward the best content creators, rather than displaying their work with hardly an acknowledgment. I personally try to use the less used search engines when I’m doing personal searches. I have to use statistics from Google, but I don’t have to do my own searches with them.