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Do you want to be found? We’re here to help you help yourself be found. My service is to partner with you to maintain your website, optimize it, and with a partnership creating a strategy for new content and growing your audience. 

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The first step in SEO is always improving your site technically.

We only do Search Engine Optimization.

SEO with site maintenance and security is all we do. We’re not going to try to sell you a pay per click campaign. We don’t offer them. We achieve dramatic organic results for our clients. We increase traffic and phone calls naturally by providing website visitors their expected experience. This will in turn increase overall business. We do this with very specific plan of action that when followed will get results. We offer only a long-term strategy. Sites that are fast, technically very sound, and content geared towards visitor expectation that is what is at the core of SEO. 

Keyword Analysis

We will analyze your keyword and those of your largest or most relevant competitors. Compare and contrast to compile a list that makes the most sense. We’ll figure out your goals with you and work towards them. This will allow you to grow slowly and consistently.

Competitive Analysis

Some experts say that 80% of SEO is monitoring the competition, I don’t really believe it’s that extreme. We, however, will work towards constantly eyeing the completion through reporting so you can see where you’re going compared to your highest competitors.

Single Page Optimization

We’ll work on content one page at a time. We’ll create landing pages and content clusters, keyword mapping your entire site. This will guide you strategically towards your goals with an eye on each single page opportunity.


Affordable consulting options geared towards improving your small business. With over 20 years of large enterprise experience, we can work with small business on a slower timeline but still get you the big results of enterprise corporations.

Technical Optimization

You don’t want your site to have code validation errors, bad links, missing data, images that are not optimized for their position. You want your site fast. All of that is part of technical optimization.

Backlink Analysis

We’ll work on your site and do a complete analysis of your backlinks. To help you maintain a quality backlink profile. The best backlinks are earned not bought although a sponsorship or promotion isn’t always bad either. 

Site Maintenance and Security

Your site is not going to be able to grow if it isn’t properly maintained, so along with SEO is site maintenance. This is a required service for most clients as creating backups and monitoring server health are necessary for any site to grow.  This service allows your site to stay current with today’s internet standards, but also ensure that the site is prepared for hackers and folks whom want to be undermine it. There are a lot of folks who would like to use your server resources or gain access to your data. This program is to reduce your risks and have a plan for when something negative happens for the site.

Actual Competitor Analysis Visibility Graph

In this report my clients are always indicated with the green color. This particular client is a small local prom and pageant dress shop. She’s local to me, so we’ve been working to optimize her site for local search for a little over 5 months now. We haven’t done much content optimization, but more technical cleaning up the site and getting it technically correct. Here is the first report where she ranked more than David’s Bridal the national company with the 70 or so keywords we’ve chosen to work on. The top line on the report is Jovani a dress designer, which my client actually sells their designs.

We Work So You Have More Work. 

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There is so much information about SEO that it’s not a mystery. We wade through all that information to get to the guts of the story. Here are a few of our opinions. 

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Many Maintenance Emails are Scams

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