Annual Site Maintenance


Annual Website Maintenance



If you use WordPress, you need maintenance that is just that. There are so many ways to get in and do harm. You can start at your host, go to the WordPress core, and then every plugin that we add opens another potential hacker portal. Maintenance accounts try to beat the bad guy to the area where they can do the harm.

We will work with your WordPress site. We’ll keep your site updated, so it will get all the security updates in timely manner. Updates are ran and reviewed at least weekly, sometimes more often.

We’ll run Uptime monitoring so we can alert you to prolonged outages, so you’ll know if something happens at your server.

We’ll run daily backups, so if something does happen, we will have the files to restore files and help prevent total loss.

We’ll send you monthly reporting on the 1st day of every month for all the updates we’ve ran and include Google Lighthouse scores if you are working on site improvements, you can see these go up as well.

This is a service that I also require every site that I work on to be participating in, but I also offer it as a standalone. If you are creating your own site. I still recommend maintenance service. There is a lot more involved sometimes and having support can be a major stress reducer. You can think of this as an insurance policy for your website.

I do have a package price available for clients with more than 6 websites.