With SEO, everyone is at a different space and I have to work hard to meet my clients where they are. It was highlighted in the Edge of the Web Podcast a couple weeks ago. (I’m behind in my listening.) It really was a good reminder. All my clients are at different places. I have clients that can understand some advanced taxonomy requests and others that have trouble with the concept of image files sizes being different than image dimensions.

Every client is important and it’s important to be on their levels.

I need to flip this for my clients as well because there websites need to meet their clients where they are.. and my goal is to help them meet their clients while meeting my client. 

What are ways to to this:

  1.  Use Simple Language – We work to not use our industry jargon when we aren’t talking to someone in our industry. 
  2. We Highlight The Why – It’s always more about them and when someone doesn’t understand exactly why they are doing something they are a lot less likely to do it. So, we need to focus on getting our clients to understand why they should be doing a task. 
  3. Add Proof – If there is an example of proof you can give your clients. They are a lot more likely to follow through. They will be able to see the benefit.

I  personally try to become an extension of your brand marketing with my SEO services by optimizing search and content, we’ll add to the greater landscape of your business and set brand expectations for your clients.