I offer free technical audits.

There was recently drama from SEO community about Google suggesting that SEO’s do free work by providing free technical audits. Here is an article from Search Engine Journal showing this drama.

I thought I would clarify. I do offer free technical audit because I own some pretty expensive software that most business owners probably don’t have access to. My audit is almost no work for me, but most reports do take about 10 minutes to create. I usually process them and go off doing client work. I come back, download the audit and send it off to the requester.

Technical audits from me are very complex and interesting to see. My ideal client will look at the audit understand about 50 percent of it and mostly be overwhelmed and not know where to begin with this massive amount of information.

Additionally, if the technical audit allows you all the information you need to make some improvements to your site. That is great news for us both… satisfied client and SEO.

Lastly, I don’t yet have a mailing list for SEO clients or potential clients. I’m thinking about setting one up but haven’t done it yet, so the likelihood of you getting spam or repeated messages from me are zero.  Even if I do get it set up down the road, I am not a big fan of getting overly aggressive sales pitches or too frequent messages, so I will never partake in that sort of marketing.

I will save the message you originally send and down the road potentially offer something completely custom to you, but I’m not going to chain email you or send you countless offers. I’m a solopeneur in this and honestly I don’t have the time. It makes no difference to me if you become a client or not… that said… I do love my clients. I am just not going to beg you to become one. I probably won’t even ask twice.

So what I’m getting at is – TAKE THE FREE AUDIT. It’s truly great information and truly free without strings.

Now, on the opposite side of that. I’m not going to constantly run audits for the same sites. I do offer just reporting in which I will semi-automate the process. Which is why it’s so affordable. Here is a link to get set up to receive a full year of reporting.


Get FREE SEO Technical Audit

The first step in SEO is always improving your site technically.

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